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Registration Open NOW.  
We are SO excited to bring a NEW version of this classic tale... with a modern our community AND to a whole new group of performers!  We chose this version because it has LOTS of parts for young performers and challenging vocal roles for our more experienced cast members! 

Auditioning for Our Kids' Musicals is EASY and FUN!  Prepare a joke (we'll tell you one too!).  We may ask you a few questions like where you go to school, your favourite food, if you've been in shows before. Then we will ask you to sing the song you've prepared.

It IS possible that we may ask you to sing more than one song so don't focus on only one character.

That's it!  Easy-peasy and nothing to worry about!

Once the cast list has been created, we will share the password for the Parent Page with you so you can access the rehearsal calendar, rehearsal tracks and other info.

Auditions are in August with Ensemble Auditions in September.  Please visit our Registration page to select your audition day.

Group (ensemble) auditions mean you will audition with a GROUP of kiddos.  We will teach you what you need to know (a section of a song and a dance combo).  It will be fun!  

Solo auditions require that you prepare a song from the list below and a 'side' (section of the script) for us.  You will audition by yourself.

Important INFO:
Print and bring your Audition Form (click the link) with you to your audition.  Performers and Parents read it carefully before you sign it.  
- Group Auditions for ALL kids up to grade 5 who HAVE NOT been in our PT program. 

- Performers in grades 6+ who do not want to be considered for a role requiring solo speaking or singing may also attend a Group Audition slot.

Regardless, each performer must register for an audition slot as that is how we will collect emails and contact info :).   We will communicate with parents via the email and Chat feature in Dance StudioPro.  


You can also join our Mecca Kids' Musical Facebook group.  It's a private group so please answer the questions.  

Once the cast list is set, we will email you the password for the Parent Page.


The Participation fee is $175.00 plus tax and a $15.00 registration fee.  You can pay ONLY the registration fee when you sign up.  You will be prompted to pay the whole fee.    You can do so OR ignored that and to the Payments tab where you can enter any amount.  The remainder of your fee is due at our first rehearsal.  While we prefer online credit card payments, you can bring a cheque or cash to that rehearsal.  E-transfer is also an option.  REMINDER - please apply to MAP for if you require support with your fee.  (


To Prepare for the GROUP AUDITION (all kiddos grade and younger UNLESS you were a member of the PT last year): We will teach you 'Call Up the King' (measure 67 to end) and a short dance combo!  Be prepared to have fun and make friends.​


To Prepare for AN INDIVIDUAL AUDITION: Prepare a song(s) from the list below:

Audition Songs:

Alice: 'Why?'

Sheet Music

Cheshire Cat: 'We're All Mad' - (start to measure 30) 

Sheet Music


Mad Hatter: 'Alice's Dreams'

Sheet Music


Humpty Dumpty: 'Call Up the King'

Sheet Music

Queen & King of Hearts: 'Off With Her Head' (start to measure 66)

Sheet Music



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