All are invited to audition to join the cast of Little Women and The Sound of Music.  (The cast of Spamalot is returning to complete the final two shows.). If YOU are interested, please complete the registration form BELOW.

Children's roles in Little Women and The Sound of Music will be selected from our APT students.  

ALL young performers are welcome to join the cast of Beauty and the Beast Jr (May 2023) and/or James and the Giant Peach (June 2023).  Please check the Children's Musical page for more information. 


Little Women: please prepare a song for one or more of the following characters:

Amy March "The Most Amazing Thing'
Beth March "Off To Massachusetts"  "Some Things are Meant to Be"
Marmee March "Here Alone"
 And dialogue (includes Amy, Beth)
Mr. Laurence "Off to Massachusetts"
Aunt March "Could You"

Professor Bhaer  'How I Am"
Mr. John Brooke "More Than I Am"
Mrs. Kirk - dialogue"The Weekly Volcano Press"

If auditioning for Clarrisa, Braxton, Rodrigo, Knight, Hag, Troll and Rodrigo 2 or the chorus of Monks, Hags or Trolls, please prepare m. 83-96  of 'The Weekly Volcano Press'

Sides: Beth Dialogue, Amy & Aunt March Dialogue

The Sound Of Music: please prepare the following song(s) for your audition.


Ladies who want to join the nun's chorus do NOT need to audition but must register :)

Maria "Reprise: Sixteen Going on Seventeen" "Lonely Goatheard" (The Sound of Music and sides will be heard at Callbacks)
Captain Von Trapp "Edelweiss" and Dialogue (also for Maria, Franz & Frau Schmidt)
Von Trapp Children "Reprise: The Sound Of Music"  and "So Long, Farewell"
Mother Abbess "Climb Ev'ry Mountain"
Uncle Max & Elsa "How Can Love Survive"
Rolf & Liesl "Sixteen Going on Seventeen"
Principal Nuns "Maria"