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Kids' Musical

Every spring, we stage a 'for kids by kids' musical, featuring performers from grades 3-12.  A wonderful 'learn by doing' experience, these shows are open to all in Grades 3+

NEW for 2023 - a FALL Kids' Musical!  

Production Team:
Lisa Vasconcelos
Hannah Price
Danika Robb
Mitch Wedgewood
Jennifer Shelton
Shannon McKenzie
Tiana Vasconcelos
Rebecca Porteous


Elf Jr Cast List.jpg

Auditioning for Our Kids' Musicals is EASY and FUN!  

Visit: and select Elf Jr from the drop down option.

Then pick a song from the show (Elf Jr) to sing for us.

If you're auditioning for Buddy or Jovie, please prepare 'A Christmas Song' and ONE other

Prepare a joke (we'll tell you one too!).  We may ask you a few questions like where you go to school, your favourite food, if you've been in shows before. Then we will ask you to sing the song you've prepared.

It IS possible that we may ask you to sing more than one song so don't focus on only one character.

That's it!  Easy-peasy and nothing to worry about!

Once you have registered for your audition, we will schedule a time for you which will appear on the Elf Rehearsal Calendar.  We will send the password to the Parent Info Page (below) to access info about the rehearsal process and the calendar.


   Why do I have to audition?  Can't I just be in the show?

We accept every young performer grade 3+ in the show so auditions are a way for us to get to know each of you before rehearsals start.  We appreciate the opportunity to hear each of you sing by yourself.!  There have been many wonderful surprises over the years.  Preparing for an audition is an important part of being a performer. 

  Is auditioning scary?  

We are NOT scary at all!  You can expect us to smile and encourage you.  And tell you a joke.  It's normal to be nervous (we still are when we audition) but don't be scared.  

  Will I get the part I want?  

We do our very best to place performers in roles that will allow then to shine and grow.  Will you get the part you want?  That depends on what it is... :)   Every part in the show is important.  If you want a role with solo singing and speaking, we will do our best.


  Do I have to come to every rehearsal?

Yes.  Every rehearsal for which you are scheduled (that will depend on what role/part you have) and ALL Full Cast rehearsals.  The week at the WMCA is a FULL commitment so please reschedule other after school activities that week.

  Why do you create 2 casts?

We want to give as many kids as possible a chance to be on stage and shine.  Double-casting allows more kids the opportunity to have speaking and singing roles.

Do I have to take a Mecca class to be in the show?


  Do I have to come to run-throughs and rehearsals for the other cast and rehearsals for Full Cast?


While I have fun and make friends?


Is there a fee to be part of the show?

Yes.  185.00 (includes the $15.00 audition fee); Performance Troupe members: 155.00.  APT members: $130.00.  The fee is non-refundable after rehearsals begin.  If you require financial assistance, please email for an application (simple and easy process)

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