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Just starting?  
Not sure which class to take?  
Looking for a great introduction to the theatre world??  
Want a class that is JUST once a week?
Then start HERE: You can CHOOSE from non-singing classes (drama & improv, Theatre Performance), choral classes (show choir, Meccapella, Mecca Youth Choir or The LADS), or Combo Classes (sing, dance, acting games each week).  These courses run in two terms - Sept-Dec and Jan-March.  No special shoes, costumes or costs.
Perform* at our term-end concerts The Mecca Family Christmas Concert & On Broadway (March)

Entry-Level Classes

Pre-Primary ( Pre-K & Kindergarten,) & Primary Combo (Grades 1 & 2) classes include singing, movement and drama games every week.   Students perform in the term-end concerts.  TERM THREE (April - June): How Does Your Garden Grow Mini-Musical 
Show Choir Combo classes (Grades 3+) focus on singing and confidence-building activities.  Students perform in the term end concerts.
Drama & Improv and Theatre Performance classes  - no singing, no dancing.  Acting games, monologue and scene activities, improv.  

Theatre Performance Classes - improv, monologues and scene work for youth who want to learning to act.  Students in the Theatre Performance classes share scenes and/or monologues in class at the end of the second term.  TERM THREE Theatre Performance (April 
- June): James & the Giant Peach

Fees: $175.00/term 45 minute class or $140.00/term 30 minute class  (Theatre Performance classes: 225.00/term 60-75 min class) 
Classes are grouped by age.

Choral Classes - The LADS (grades 4+), Meccapella (grade 6+) and Mecca Youth Choir (gr 6+): find your voice in these dynamic and fun ensembles!  Have fun, make friends and learn to sing in parts.  Fees: $300.00 for the season (September-March.)


Performance Troupe Entry-Level Classes

If your child LOVES to perform, wants to work hard each week to grow as a singer, dancer, actor and performer, and loves being on a team, then consider our Triple-Threat Performance Troupe Program.  We recommend trying a Combo class first as the commitment to the Performance Troupe is Sept-March.  BUT if you've seen these young performers on stage in our Community Musicals, as leads in their high school productions and centre stage in our All Kids' Musicals at the WMCA and that's what you want to do, then sign up for a Performance Troupe class! 

Jazz shoes will be required.  Costumes and festival entry fees will be invoiced.  (Entry into On the Stage is included in the registration fee; On The Stage workshop fees will be invoiced as they are mandatory for these students.)

  Mecca's Performance Troupe works as a team from fall to spring each year, learning hits from Broadway, entertaining stage dance with voice numbers and challening choral pieces.  Our instructors are leaders in the choral and musical theatre community who LOVE to share their knowledge, skills and talents with our students.  

Performance Troupe Classes

Performance Troupe Program - 
Multi-class discounts of $50.00 for each class after the first one (student OR siblings) apply to ALL Performance Troupe classes.  Performance troupe hoodies and clothing are availabel for purchase. 

Triple-Threat Performance Troupe Program - Entry level classes (Classes run Sept to late April/early May)

Classes: Boys Only (Grade 1+), Girls Aloud (Grades 1-5), Sound Dynamix (Grades 6+), Charisma (Grades 9+)
These are the kids you see performing at events in our community and on stage in our community musicals.  Work as a team with your class as you sing, dance, act and perform.  Workshops, the Brandon Festival of the Arts and term-end concerts give our students extra opportunity to grow.
Fees: $445.00/season 45 minute class  
Classes are grouped by grade level.  Multi-class discounts of $50.00 for each class after the first one (student OR siblings) apply to ALL Performance Troupe classes
Performance troupe hoodie and/or jacket is recommended. 
Other Performance Troupe clothing is available for purchase.

Costumes and festival fees will be invoiced as costs are finalized.​


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Auditioned Performance Troupe

Auditioned Triple-Threat Performance Troupe Program 
Classes:  New Girls (junior, inter, senior- grouped based on audition) and Synergy (Inter & Senior)

These classes run from Sept - early May

These classes can be added, upon audition, to an Entry Level Performance Troupe class.  In a regular season, these classes work as teams from Sept-April, performing at the Brandon Festival of the Arts, full-day school tour, and in community performances.  Details about events are posted on the Calendar page on our website.  After weekly classes conclude in March, the Auditioned troupe meets for two workshops to prepare for CNDC and the Spring Sing with the Mecca Community Choir.  These classes provide choral and theatre performance training focused on growth.
495.00/season 45 minute class    $520.00/season 60 minus class.  $545.00/season 75  minute class.
These classes are by audition or invitation only.
If your performer is starting their second season with us as interested in joining, please send us an e-mail.

Combo Classes
Performance Troupe
Auditioned Performance Trope
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