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If you liked Something Rotten, please post and share your review on social media!  Text away during intermission.  

Hey - even take selfies in the lobby but thanks for NOT recording the show!  

It’s distracting and violates our license.

Meet The Cast

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Act One

Welcome to the Renaissance - Minstrel and Company

God, I Hate Shakespeare - Nick, Nigel, and The Troupe

Right Hand Man - Bea and Nick

God, I Hate Shakespeare (Reprise) - Nick

A Musical - Nostradamus, Nick, and Company

The Black Death - The Troupe

I Love the Way - Portia and Nigel

Will Power - Shakespeare and Company

Bottom’s Gonna Be on Top - Nick and Company


Act Two

Welcome to the Renaissance (Reprise) - Minstrel

Hard to Be the Bard - Shakespeare and Company

It’s Eggs! - Nick and The Troupe

We See the Light - Portia, Nigel, Brother Jeremiah, Puritans

To Thine Own Self - Nigel, Nick, Shakespeare, & The Troupe

Right Hand Man (Reprise) - Bea

Something Rotten! / Make an Omelette - Nick and Company

To Thine Own Self (Reprise) - Nick

Finale - Company

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