Tall Alice

Small Alice


Cheshire Cat 1

Cheshire Cat 2

Cheshire Cat 3


Dodo Bird

Tweedle Dum

Tweedle Dee


Mad Hatter

March Hare

White Rabbit

Queen of Hearts

King of Hearts






Cardsman 1

Cardsman 2

Cardsman 3

Cardsman 4

Ace of Spades

2 of Clubs

3 of Diamonds


Thank you for doing your best to be at ALL rehearsals for which you are scheduled.  Every cast member is important at every rehearsal.  


Named Characters


Rehearsal Overview: Please ensure that you can attend the rehearsal dates as listed.  Of course, things come up but if you know you will be away for more than two weekends, indicate such on your audition form.  EVERYONE is expected at the run-throughs and dress rehearsals for the ENTIRE time.  We may run late (we’ll try not to.)  Thanks for your patience.

Calendar: Please visit the Alice page and use the calendar.  If in doubt, follow the calendar.  Emails will also be sent throughout the process.  Communication is always a challenge with such a large group.  Full Cast rehearsals mean EVERYONE in the show.  Other rehearsals that are TBA will be called by character or group.  A list detailing characters and groups will be created once the casting process is finished.

Parent Involvement: A full-sized musical requires many hands behind the scenes.  Every parent is expected to help out in some form either supervising at the WMCA during show week AND/OR helping with costumes, sets, props or promotions.  EVERY cast member will be assigned a poster distribution route (approx. 10-15 posters).  EVERY parent is expected to promote the show through email invitations and by inviting friends and family to the event on FB.  We hope too that you will invite your school to attend one of our two matinee performances.

for the role.

Production Fee: A production fee of 85.00 will be collected from each family (additional children 55.00).  Included in the fee is: a DVD recording of the show & cast photo (one per family); a show t-shirt; pizza dinner May 3; lunch May 8 and 1 ticket voucher (additional vouchers may be ordered for 10.00 until March 8; 12.00 until April 19; 15.00 at the door).


If finances are a concern, please contact me (Lisa) and we will work something out.


Blue Cast

Elly Szabo

Kennedy DeBeer

Ava Thexton

Taylor Thomson

Willow Harvey

Jessica Granger

Adynn Praznik

Sara Taylor

Breelyn Cloet

Daniel Munchinsky

Dane Szabo

Avery Praznik

Bethanie Munchinsky

Colby Pilling

Tyson Dornn

Emma Gray

Austin Liske-Ferchoff

Quinn Pilling

Livi Bower

Jamie Lajeunesse

Ruby Keller

Tyra Karvorien

Dawn Sheppard

Brooklyn Wazura

Madison Bower

Emily Moran

Nyah Elliot

Elle Snyder

Olivia Erickson

Green Cast

Mya Hlady

Parker Simard

Declyn Rystephanick

Emily Desjarlis

Laura Pattison

Taliyah Hoglander

Arianna Laluk

Lucia Lisa

Madde Billaney

Lily Smard

Abby Simard

Aiden Simard

Rowena Martin Deacon Bessant

Ian CoxK

ylee Swidnicki

Kyler Minshull

Annagh Sleshinsky

Taylor Smith

Jenna Fisch

Sara Clark

Lindsay Starkel

Cassey Goertzen

Jessica Brown

Brie Mulligan

Alexa Case

Addison Webster

Jorja Hood

Chaunese Peters

Caucus Race

Fish (1) Savannah Topping, Klalidha Lisa, , Jordan-Blaine Bjornsson, , Hannah, August Mille, Gillian Lawson, Avery Birch, Jasmine Horwood, Sophia Del Mar Rodgeiz Aponte, Brooklyn Hollman, Emma Zalluski, Paige Crossley, Macy Snyder, Maci Hlady, , Haylee Lemoine


Fish (2) Hannah Adams, Karsyn Adams, Beth Lane, Eleana Leach, Brianna Dyck, Annika Laluk, Jules Laluk, Kaleey Koroluk, Jordan Koroluk, Hannah Leckie


Lobsters Elizabeth Cox, Janine Haithwaite; Teneil InsterHaylee,Seamus Malcolm, Sean Malcolm, Aiden Hebert, Amelia Hebert, Cole Vandenberghe, Owen Vandenberghe, Avery Birch, Emma Zallusky, Olivia Szucki, Janine Haithwaite, London Peters, Ivy Lin


Good Advice Chorus:

Ava/Declyn; Mya/Elly; Parker/Kennedy; Emma/Kylee; Willow/Laura; Taliyah/ Arianna; Jessica/ Madde; Breelyn/ Adynn; Willow/Laura; Taliyah/ Arianna; Jessica/ Madde; Daniel/Dane; Lily/Abby; Avery/Aiden; Emily/Taylor; Colby;Deacon; Austin/Kyler; Tyson/Ian


Royal Cardsmen

Daniel/Dane; Lily/Abby; Avery/Aiden; Emily/Taylor; Colby/ Deacon; Austin/Kyler; Tyson/Ian; Jorja Hood, Brooklyn Wazura, Emma Miskulin, Kiana Lasuik, Alex Hebert, Ryleigh McPhail, Ryleigh McMullan, Karsyn Adams, Hannah Adams, Kamryn Cloet; Katie Dornn; Megan Williams, Emma Dennis, Cherise Baker

Flowers & Tea Party Guests (1)

Willow/Laura; Taliyah/Jessica; Arianna; Adynn Praznik; Breelyn Cloet/Maddison Billaney; Mya/ Elly; Rowena/Bethanie; Quinn/Annagh; Livi/Taylor; Jamie/Jenna; Ruby/Sara; Tyra/Lindsay


Tea Party Guests (2)

Lucia/Sara; Cassey /Dawn; Faith Thomson, Olivia Erickson/ Chaunese Peters; Taylor Thomson/Emily Dejarlis; Eleana Leach, Hannah Leckie, Cherise Baker


Tea Party Guests (3)

Daniel/Dane; Lily/Abby; Avery/Aiden; Emily/Taylor; Colby/ Deacon; Austin/Kyler; Tyson/Ian; Willow/Laura; Taliyah/ Jessica; Adynn/Arianna; Willow/Laura; Daniel/Dane; Lily/Abby;Tyson /Ian; Breelyn/ Madde; Rowena/Bethanie; Quinn/Annagh; Livi/Taylor; Jamie/Jenna; Ruby/Sara; Tyra/Lindsay ; Sara/Lucia

Scene & Song Break Down

Throughout the rehearsal process, cast members will called to their rehearsal by song or scene.  Large scenes are broken into smaller parts (or beats).  Please look for songs, scenes or beats so you know when you need to be at rehearsal.  


Prologue - Full Cast (Song: 'Dodgsonland')

Sc 1 - White Rabbit & Alice & Cheshire Cats I’m Late Alice, Chesire Cats, Good Advice Chorus (Song: 'Very Good Advice)

Sc 2 - Small Alice, Doorknob, Fish 1 & 2, Lobsters , Dodo Bird (Songs: 'Ocean of Tears'; 'Caucus Race')

Sc 3- Alice, White Rabbit, Small Alice, Tweedle Dum Tweedle Dee & Dum (Songs: & How Do You Do & Shake Hands How D’Ye Do (Reprise)

Sc 3b - Cheshire Cats, Tall Alice, Dodo Bird, White Rabbit, Lobsters

Sc 4 - Small Alice, Rose, Lily, Petunia, Daisy, Violet, Flowers

Sc 4b - Alice, Rose, Lily, Petunia, Daisy, Violet, Flowers (Song: ' The Golden Afternoon') 

Sc 4c - Small Alice, Caterpillar

Sc 4d - Caterpillar, Small Alice, Good Advice Chorus, Tea Party Guests (3), Fish (2) (Song: Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Playoff))

Sc 5 - Cheshire Cats, Small Alice & Alice (Songs - 'I’m Late' (reprise))

Sc 5b Alice, Mad Hatter, Tea Party Guests (1 & 2), March Hare (Songs: 'The Unbirthday Song' (pt1 & 2))

Sc 5c - Alice, Mad Hatter, Tea Party Guests (1), March Hare, White Rabbit (Songs: 'I’m Late' (reprise))

Sc 6 - Cardsmen, Chesire Cats, White Rabbit, Alice, King of Hearts, Queen of Hearts (Songs 'Painting the Roses Red'; 'Simon Says' (pt 1)) 

Sc 6b - Chesire Cats, White Rabbit, Alice, King of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, Tweedle Dee & Dum, Rose, Lily, Petunia, Violet, Mad Hatter, March Hare, Fish (1) (Songs: 'Simon Says' (pt 2))

Sc 6c - Chesire Cats, Caterpillar, White Rabbit, Alice, King of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, Tweedle Dee & Dum, Rose, Lily, Petunia, Violet, Mad Hatter, March Hare (Songs: 'The Unbirthday Son' (reprise); 'Whoooo Are Youuu?') 

Epilogue - Alice, Mathilda

Finale - Full Cast (Songs: 'Alice in Wonderland'; 'Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah)