Director/Producer - Lisa Vasconcelos

Choreographer - Tiana Vasconcelos, Monique Roy-Keller 

Music Director/Pianist - Shirley Martin

Costumes - Sherilyn Bambridge

Vocal Director - Katherine Sherris

Stage Manager - Susan Brechmann

Light Cues - Rebecca Porteous

Sets - Rena Mills, Clint McLachlan, David Vasconcelos, Buzz Cox, Greg Kirk, Nadine Perreaux, Gisele Perreaux

Props - Susan Dobson, Lisa Vasconcelos, Susan Brechmann

Front of House - Karla Johnson, Monique Clarke

Publicity/Publications - Joanna Labossiere-Laluk, Nicole Koroluk, Nadine Perreaux

Sponsorship - Gisele Perreaux, Craig Laluk

Program - Lindsay Cowling

Photographer - Joelynne Johnson



Mamma Mia rocked the WMCA for 5 sold-out shows in January 2019. 


From Director/Producer Lisa Vasconcelos: I feel SO blessed to have the support of our team to step on stage in Mamma Mia and to be joined by two women who spend MOST of their time, like me, behind the scenes bringing others into the spotlight. I know audiences will LOVE Sherilyn and Katherine and Tanya and Rosie. These two ladies had amazing blend at auditions. The three of us are ready to rock the WMCA in January!


What a total joy as well to have two of our most passionate Mecca dads join the '3 dads' group. Craig Laluk was a delight as Bill! and while John Szabo is a familiar face and well-loved presence on the WMCA stage; he's taken on a NEW challenge with this show. He will be playing the roles of Sam AND Harry... at different performances!  Joining him on the WMCA stage as Harry AND Sam is Chad Cobbe! We are super excited to re-introduce Chad to westman audiences (it's been a while since he had the lead in Gypsy.). These three guys brought have terrific energy on stage and off!

Our Sophies also work hard behind the scenes on our shows! Nadine will be working on sets and Tiana will be choreographing the show!  We were deligthed to feature two women who work hard to make these shows happen.

Playing the role of Sky is the newest member of Mecca's teaching team, Clint! Joining him as Ali and Lisa are four of the most wonderful girls you could ever met! And we are delighted that two of them are part of Mecca's teaching team too!

The remaining members of our company brought amazing skills as dancers, singers, performers and most of all positive energy and excitement! And every single one of them was SO excited to be part of this show!!



Donna - Lisa Vasconcelos

Tanya - Sherilyn Bambridge

Rosie - Katherine Sherris

Sam - John Szabo/Chad Cobbe

Harry - Chad Cobbe/John Szabo

Bill - Craig Laluk

Sophie - Tiana Vasconcelos/Nadine Perreaux

Sky - Clint McLachlan

Lisa - Hannah Price/Rebecca Driedger

Ali - Avalon Sawatzky/Jamie Rose

Pepper - Joey Simms

Eddie - Joel Perreaux

And... Andrew Mok, Amy Lee, Arianna Laluk, Ava Thexton, Bernadette Njegovan, Carter Sherris, Caley Barcello,  Christine Bailey, Cori Biech, Denise Cox, Dylan Burrell, Gisele Perreaux, Greg Kirk, Jenn Shelton, Jill Lee, Joanna Labossiere-Laluk,  John Saville, Karen Gillespie, Karla Johnson, Kim Cullen, Marnie Wilson, Meagan Perkin, Milena King, Nicole Koroluk, Nicole McLenehan, Norma Woodman, Sara Clarke, Wanda Nicol