Jesus Christ Superstar


     Mecca Productions is proud to present Jesus Christ Superstar at the WMCA. First released as a rock opera concept album in 1970, JCS re-invented musical theatre a year later with its ground-breaking opening on Broadway. A movie followed, forever immortalizing Ted Neeley. Other stage and movie releases have followed making it one of the most popular musicals of all time… and certainly the greatest story ever told. And now westman audiences have the opportunity to experience it live on stage in an all-new production.

     While the last week of Christ’s life is at the centre of the story, at its heart Superstar it is a tale about faith, love, relationships and betrayal set to the music that connects with audiences of all ages. ‘The issues explored in JC Superstar – spiritual, personal and political – are timely regardless of where you live and how old you are.’

     Christ's final days are dramatized with emotional intensity, thought-provoking edge and explosive theatricality. Propelled by a stirring score, by turns driving and majestic, satirical and tender, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR illuminates the transcendent power of the human spirit with a passion that goes straight to the heart. (

     “Our interpretation of the story focuses on the relationship between Jesus and Judas. The staging is a fast-paced, creating high theatrical experience that, while entertaining and impactful, does justice to the incredible music written by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber (lyrics by Tim Rice). We have waited years to produce JC Superstar at the WMCA; we are thrilled to bring this iconic rock opera to life with some of western Manitoba best rock vocalists and musicians.”



                      Jesus: Erik Fjeldsted                         Judas:  Poul Jensen                   Mary:  Mariah Phillips                 Pilate: John Szabo

    Herrod: Greg Kirk             Caiaphas: Tyson Tame      Annis: Joe Lisa                               Priests: John DeBeer, Jason Gobeil, Hannah Price, Lisa Vasconcelos

                             Simon: Ken Jackson            Peter: Alex Chambers    

Apostles: Dylan Bernell, Joel Durrand, Gabi Jardine, Craig Laluk, Chris Martin, Cameron Menzies, Cam Tataryn, David Vasconcelos, Micheal Henry

Apostles' Women: Fontine Beavis, Karen Gillespie, Joanna Labossier-Laluk, Sarah-Jane Meynard, Nicole Koroluk, Giselle Perrault, Lisa Shannon, Jennifer Shelton, Sherri Thom, Elise Wolski  

Featured Dancers:  Jillian DeCosse, Brena Abbey, Tiana Vasconcelos, Emilie Cox and Fontine Beavis

Woman by the Fire: Fontine Beavis

8 Soloists: Sarah-Jane Meynard, Cam Tataryn, Cameron Menzies, Lisa Vasconcelos, Rena Mills, Sherri Thom, Fontine Beavis, Craig Laluk

Soul Girls: Sherilyn Bambridge, Katherine Sherris, Lisa Vasconcelos, Tiana Vasconcelos

The Temple/Chorus: Glenda Garden, Sharon Brown, Emilie Cox, Rowena Martin, Rena Mills, Karla Johnson

Guards: Travis Campbell, Andrew Granger