We are very excited to have assembled a cast of new and experienced performers in our 7th all-kids musical!  The list below includes kids for whom this will be their first show - and first Mecca experience - and a number of our senior students, now in high school, who have appeared in every Mecca kids' show and other community and high school productions!  Kids from across southern Manitoba will travel to Brandon to be in the cast; we look forward to getting to know them all as we work together to tell this awesome story.  I hope I haven't missed anyone... or spelled a name incorrectly (both are possible).  
     Last names will be added for the program (of course) and we will correct any misspelled names with the program proof. 
If your name is MISSING, please email the Mecca account and we will add you. 
Enjoy the rest of your Christmas break!  We will see you at the first rehearsal Jan 11th.  Please check the calendar for updates (an email will also be sent next week!). 
Miss Lisa
for the production team

Cast List




Middle Anna

Middle Elsa

Young Anna

Young Elsa

*King Agnarr

Queen Iduna



Hidden Folk 1

Hidden Folk 2







Oaken Family 1

Oaken Family 2

Oaken Family 3

*Housekeeper/ Townsperson 2




*Steward/Townsperson 4


Townsperson 1

Townsperson 3

Townsperson 5

Townsperson 6

Silver Cast        Blue Cast

Emma G           Elizabeth A

Danika R          Shayna W

Saphiya DeV   Veronika H

Dalice B           Soliel G 

Ilee S                 Ava I

Kayla DeC       Ella K

Nazar G           Seamus M

Renee T           Kaitlin P

Elli P                Aaron C  

                         Devin KF 

Reece               Piper  

Rory                 Jacobi 

Aria R              Zac McK  

Carter S           Carter S   

Brianna D       Lucas P 

Tyson D          Ian C

Michael A       Austin P

Cash L             Mila Y 

Alexa              Brooklyn S      

Teagan D        Kaitlyn R 

Sadie B            Adeline G

Kaitlin P          Renee T 

Arlo D            Carter D 

Dalyce H        Dillen L 

Melinda B      Venessa B

Addison C      Ashley S 

Owen W         Case A

August M       Emily B 

Abi T              Lillian B

Grady S          Eion S

Xyila C            

* All roles marked with an asterisk (*) will also be in the song 'Hygge.' Please attend those rehearsals.


Sydney F

Emily K

Makayla S

Ilee S

Dallice B/Soliel G


Britain DeVi


Dawson F

Andrew W

Olivia C

Daune P

Dawson F

Jillian F

Cambria C

Bella McK

Sara T

Sara G

Abby T

Carissa McM

Michael C

Lyla B

Chloe S

Peyton McN

Ara A

Hayden D.P

Julia G

Summer Chorus

(also sing with townspeople)

Hadlee B

Peyton Mc

Sadie G

Emerson P

Jewel W

Ella K/Kayla DeC

Marin F

Eleanore W

Snow Chorus

Kiera U

Dannah P

Ava I

Saphiya DeV/Veronika H

Elizabeth A/ Emma G


Brooklyn S

Sofya T

Piper K/Reece


Laura S

Adeline G

Mila Y

Hidden Folk

Zara Pople

Ella K/Kayla DeC

Garret R



Arlo/Carter D


Emerson P


(also sing with townspeople & Hygee)

Jaymee M

Lily F

Hailey M

Bailey B

Brienna DP


(also sing with townspeople)

Colby P, Michael C, Sean M, 

*Cast list subject to revision.