Blood Brothers, words and music by Willie Russell (the author of Educating Rita and Shirley Valentine), is a haunting, heart breaking powerhouse of a musical, a rags to riches tragedy of our times.  


Poverty forces a poor but hard-working mother to give away one of her two twins to her wealthy but childless employer. The boys become friends; they grow up a few streets from each other but live lives that are worlds apart. 


The narrator warns the boys must never learn that they are brothers or tragedy will result.  


One of the longest-running musicals in theatre history, Blood Brothers won the Olivier Award for Best New Musical in London where the Sunday Times declared it "exhilarating . . . one of the best musicals ever written." The New York production was nominated for the Best Musical Tony. 


Blood Brothers is a powerful story set in the Thatcher era, a story that explores nature vs nurture and the cruel and disasterous effects of a cruel economy on every member of a community.


Director Lisa Vasconcelos looks forward to the challenges of staging the dramatic musical.  'The cast is smaller and requires each person in it to be both a strong singer and actor.  The roles are challenging.'  Casting for Blood Brothers is scheduled for early in 2016.  


Blood Brothers is a departure from the big, family-friendly shows Mecca is known for.  'It's certainly not as well known outside the world of musical theatre.  That's the biggest reason we have selected a smaller, more intimate venue at the Keystone Centre to stage Blood Brothers.  I'm very excited about the challenges of working in a new venue.' 


Although Blood Brothers is a westman debut, Vasconcelos believes audiences will connect with the musical.  'It's a passionate story about relationships: mother and son, brother and brother, husband and wife, neighbour and neigbour.   And it explores bigger questions about destiny, about why our lives end up as they do.  The music is really terrific.  I think audiences will love the show.  I do!'


Don’t miss this musical powerhouse that is still running in London’s West End after 20 years!


"The most exciting thing to have happened to the English musical theatre for years." - Punch

"A full bodied musical, a wonderful melodrama that is also a thoroughly modern ballad opera." - Wall Street Journal

"There are so many good things to shout and sing about in this new musical." - Daily Mail

"Deeply moving." - London Broadcasting

"Totally beguiling." - City Limits