Canadian Premiere ~ Summer 2014

Evans' Theatre, B.U. Campus - July 3-6

Berney Theatre, 123 Doncaster Street, Winnipeg - August 30   2:00 & 8:00


Black Bottle Man is the adaptation of an award-winning novel that CBC Radio called “a story of profound love; rich with metaphor and allegory, depth, complexity.”


MTS documentary! – To add to the excitement, all aspects of this production - ‘from page to stage’ – are being filmed for an MTS documentary.


Congratulations to Our Cast:


Peter Buehler - Black Bottle Man/Preacher/Mechanic/Officer Slack/Slick Willy

Marilyn Hardy - Gail/Annie/Mrs. Arlington/Leona

Tara Leach - Emma

Jennifer Shelton - Mary & Mrs. Evans

David Simard - Thompson

Paul St. Pierre - Rembrandt/Ray

Brian Sutherland - Billy

James Warnez - Abraham/Mr. Evans

Black Bottle Man