Annie Annika Laluk      Quincy Thomas

Warbucks John Szabo

Grace   Wanda Nicol

Hannigan  Sherri Thom  Ramey Praznik

Rooster Poul Jensen

Lily  Rebecca Pourteous  Hannah Price

Drake  Joe Lisa 

Mrs. Pugh  Sharon Brown

Mrs Greer  Jennifer Shelton

Annette  Tiana Vasconcelos

Cecile  SJ Maynard

Molly  Violet Blaine             Sadie Buydens

Pepper  Piper Kinley              Julianna Laluk

Tessie  Ava Irwin                   Maggie Johnson

Kate   Veronika Hrytsenko  Reese Ziprick

Duffy   Jamie Moran              Rory Ziprick

July    Nyah Perkin              Adeline Galinski

Clara     Mila Yuel                   Saphiya DeVlieger

Susie    Devin Kerman-Forsythe   TBA

Individual orphan speaking and/or singing lines may be reassigned during the rehearsal process

Warbucks Staff: Nia Aitken, Ava Robbins, Declyn Rystephanik, Brianna Dyck, Carter Sherris, Laura Scott, Hannah/Rebecca, New Girls Senior  & Synergy Senior 

NYC Citizens

Bundles McCloskey:  Ken Stelmack
Dog Catchers: Nicholas Morrison, Carter Sherris 

Lieutenant Ward: Buzz Cox 

Star to Be: Serina McGregor/Tiana Vasconcelos
Bert Healy: Darrell Corbel 

Fred McCracken: Carter Sherris

Jimmy Johnson: Ken Stelmack
Sound Effects Man: Chris Malcolm

Bonnie Boylan:  Tiana Vasconcelos

Connie Boylan: SJ Maynard

Ronnie Boylan: Avalon Sawatzky
NBC Page: Carter Sherris

FDR: Bob Brereton
Ickes: Chris Malcolm 
Howe: Buzz Cox
Morgenthau: Ken Stelmack 
Hull: Darrell Corbel

Judge Brandeis: Klaus Brechmann

Orphans/Hooverville Kids/Street Kids

Ashley Sullivan

August Miller

Elli Pomehichuk

Aria Remple

Marin Federowich 

Ella Kulchyski

Emily Kulchyski

Dalice Brown

Venessa Brown

Cabria Clarke

Ara Ahmed



Street Kids/Hooverville: Tyson Gill, Lucas Park, Seamus Malcolm, TBA

Hooverville*: Jennifer Greer, Serina McGregor, Lisa Vasconcelos, Katherine MacFarlane,  Ramey/Sherri, Darrell Corbel, Ken Stelmack, Chris Malcolm, Buzz Cox, Sharon Brown, Jennifer Shelton

* solo lines/roles will be assigned during chorus rehearsals.

We are SO excited to introduce a new generation of children, and their families, to the spunky orphan whose optimism brightens the life of all who meet her - Annie!!  The perfect holiday show, Annie warms the spirit as it brings out the best of the season in each of us.
Set in New York City in the depths of the depression, Annie, one of many young girls at the Municipal Orphanage run by the ever-frustrated Miss Hannigan, is determined to find her parents, who she is convinced will return for her.  A stroke of good fortune finds Annie selected by Grace Farrell to spend the holidays with wealthy Oliver Warbucks.